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Welcome to the GASP Measures database, made possible by an interdivisional grant from APA, sponsored by Divisions 8, 9, and 44. This free public resource basically provides "one-stop shopping" for researchers seeking measures designed for lesbian/gay/bisexual issues or populations. You can browse the entire list, or you can search for measures focusing on particular topics, such as (for example) internalized homophobia or identity development. For each measure, we have included as much information as we were able to obtain, including its general intent, length, original citation, detailed psychometric information, contact information for the author, etc. When possible, we have included the scale itself. We certainly hope that you will find this useful, and we also encourage you to send copies of any findings using the scales to the authors themselves, many of whom would like to continue to collect information on such matters to keep their psychometric information up to date.

Finally, if you discover a measure that we do not yet have represented, or if you design or revise a scale yourself, please let us know! In order to make this resource as comprehensive, high-quality, and useful as possible, we really need input from "the trenches," as it were.

Please e-mail suggestions, measures, and other materials directly to Lisa Diamond at .

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66 items Titles
Assessment of LGBT Youths' Needs in Health Care Settings
Ginsburg, K. R., Winn, R. J., Rudy, B. J., Crawford, J., Zhao, H., & Schwartz, D. F. (2002)
Attitudes Toward Bisexuality Scale
Mohr, J. J., & Rochlen, A. B. (1999)
Attitudes Toward Homosexual Persons
Kite, M. E., & Deaux, K. (1986)
Attitudes toward Homosexuals Scale
Altemeyer, B. (2001)
Attitudes Toward Lesbians and Gay Men (ATLG) Scale
Herek, G.M. (1994)
Attributions Of Personal Setbacks To Prejudice
Herek, G.M., & Glunt, E.K. (1995)
Behavioral Self-Disclosure Scale (BDQ)
Carroll, L., & Gilroy, P. J. (2000)
Beliefs about Sexual Minorities Scale (BSM)
Eliason, M. J., & Raheim, S. (1996)
Biphobia Scale
Eliason, M. J. (1997)
Biphobia Scale
Mulick, P. S., & Wright, L. W., Jr. (2002)
Collective Self-Esteem
Herek, G.M., & Glunt, E.K. (1995)
Community Consciousness
Herek, G.M., & Glunt, E.K. (1995)
Components of Attitudes toward Homosexuality
LaMar and Kite (1998)
Evaluation Thermometer Measure for Assessing Attitudes Toward Gay Men
Haddock, G., & Zanna, M. P. (1998)
Gay Affect and Life Events Scale
Rosser, B. S. & Ross, M. W. (1989)
Gay Affect and Life Events Scale, modified
Nott, K., & Vedhara, K. (1995)
Gay and Lesbian Parents Questionnaire
Harris, M. B., & Turner, P. H. (1998)
Gay Identity Questionnaire
Brady, S. (1994)
Gay/Bisexual Personal Self-Esteem
Herek, G.M., & Glunt, E.K. (1995)
Gender Diagnosticity Scale
Lippa, R. A. (2000)
Gender Identity Scale
Zucker, K. J., Bradley, S., Lowry Sullivan, C. B., Kuksis, M., Birkenfeld-Adams, A., & Mitchell, J. N. (1993)
Godfrey-Richman ISM Scale (M-GRISMS)
Godfrey, S., Richman, C. L., & Withers, T. N. (2000)
Heterosexual Attitudes Toward Homosexuals (HATH)
Larsen, K., Reed, M., & Hoffman, S. (1980)
Heterosexual Identity Attitude Scale
Simoni, J. M., & Walters, K. L. (submitted)
HIV/AIDS Stress Scale
Pakenham, K. I., & Rinaldis, M. (2002)
Homophobia Scale
Wright, L. W., Jr., Adams, H. E., & Bernat, J. A. (1999)
Homophobic Behavior of Students Scale
Van de Ven, P., Bornholt, L., & Bailey, M. (1998)
Homosexual Distancing Scale
Original citation is Wells, J. W. & Franken, M. L. (1987)
Homosexual Information Scale
Original citation is Wells, J. W. & Franken, M. L. (1987)
Identification and Involvement with the Gay Community Scale
Vanable, P. A., McKirnan, D. J., & Stokes, J. P. (1998)
Index of Homophobia
Original citation Hudson, W. W., & Ricketts, W. A. (1980)
Internalized Homophobia Scale (IHP)
Herek, G. M., Cogan, J. C., Gillis, J. R., & Glunt, E. K. (1998)
Internalized Transphobia Scale
Bockting, W., Robinson, B., Miner, M., Rosser, S., & Coleman, E. (2004)
Involvement and Overtness Measure for Lesbians
Ferguson, K. D. (1978)
Knowledge about homosexuality questionnaire
Harris, M. B. (1998)
Lesbian Feminist Subscale of the Feminist Perspectives Scale
Simoni, J. M., Henley, N. M., & Christie, C. S. (1999)
Lesbian Partner Abuse Scale
McClennen, J. C., Summers, A. B., & Daley, J. G. (2002)
Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Identity Scale
Mohr, J. J., & Fassinger, R. E. (2000)
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Climate Inventory
Liddle, B. J., Luzzo, D. A., Hauenstein, A. L., Schuck, K. (2004)
LGB Stressors
Lewis, R. J., Derlega, V. J., Berndt, A., Morris, L. M., & Rose, S. (2001)
Marital Satisfaction Inventory for Same-Sex Couples
Means-Christensen, A. J., Snyder, D. K., & Negy, C. (2003)
Modern Homonegativity Scale (MHS),
Morrison, M. A., & Morrison, T. G. (2003)
Modern Homophobia Scale
Raja, S., & Stokes, J. P. (1998)
Multicomponent AIDS Phobia Scale (MAPS)
Harrell, J. P. & Wright, L. W., (1998)
Multidimensional Scale of Sexuality
Berkey, B., Perelman, H. T., & Kurdek, L. A. (1990)
Outness Inventory
Mohr, J. J., & Fassinger, R. E. (2000)
Personal Choice Ideology
Herek, G.M., & Glunt, E.K. (1995)
Power Sharing in Lesbian Partnerships
Lynch, J. M., & Reilly, M. E. (1998)
Recalled Gender Identity Scale
Zucker, K. J. (June, 2002)
Sex-Linked Behaviors Questionnaire
McConaghy, N. (1998)
Sexual Correlates of Female Homosexual Experience
Goode, E. (1998)
Sexual Ideology Instrument
Lottes, I. L. (1998)
Sexual Orientation Beliefs
Hegarty, P., & Pratto, F. (2001)
Sexual Orientation Counselor Scale
Bidell, M. P. (2003)
Sexual Preference Scale
McConaghy, N. & Blaszczynski, A. (1991)
Sexy Seven Sexual Orientation Scale
Schmitt, D. P., & Buss, D. M. (2000)
Stage Allocation Measure
Cass, V. C. (1979)
Stressor and Resilience Factors for Lesbians, Gay Men, and Bisexuals
Russell, G. M., & Richards, J. A. (2003)
Support for Lesbian and Gay Human Rights Scale
Ellis, S.J., Kitzinger, C., & Wilkinson, S. (2002)
The Coming Out Growth Scale - COGS
The Lesbian Internalized Homophobia Scale
Szymanski, D. M., & Chung, Y. B. (2001)
The Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Affirmative Counseling Self-Efficacy Inventory (LGB-CSI)
Dillon, F.R., & Worthington, R.L. (In Press)
The MacDonald Attitudes Toward Homosexuality Scales
Davis, C. M., Yarber, W. L., Bauserman, R., Schreer, G., & Davis, S. L. (1998)
The Relationship Assessment Measure for Same-Sex Couples (RAM-SSC)
Burgoyn, R. W. (2001)
Trueblood Sexual Attitudes Questionnaire (TSAQ)
Hannon, R., Hall, D., Gonzalez, V., & Cacciapaglia, H. (1999)
Who Does What: LGB version
This is a modified version of Cowan, C. P. & Cowan, P. A. (1988)